Initially the Company was manufacturing cotton yarn. Gradually it started manufacturing of cotton fabrics and installed a full fledged process house. To keep in line with market demand, the Company started manufacture of terycot (polyester blends) fabrics from 1970 and gradually more cotton looms were converted to manufacture of terycot fabrics. By Ninetees, the Company completely switched over to manufacture of Polyester/Viscose Blended fabrics consisting of Shirting, Suiting, Sheeting etc. and the same were sold under the brand name of ‘Jaykaylon’.

Yarn Dyed Shirting

  • Causal Linen
  • Formal Linen
  • Bi Stretch fabric for Sports line


  • Yarn Dyed
  • Solid
  • Cotton / Linen
  • 100 % Linen

Light Weight

  • 100% Voile's & Cambric
  • Viscose,Modal
  • Terry Viols & Cambric
  • Poly Jorgets

Corduroy (Europeans Standard)

  • 100 % Cotton Corduroy
  • Cotton Blends Corduroy
  • Cotton / Lycra Corduroy
  • Fine Wales Corduroy

Solid Dyed Cotton

  • Bottom Weight
  • Shirt Weight
  • RFD’s

Work Wears

  • Poly Cottons
  • Micro Cottons
  • Performance Finishes

Uniform Fabric

  • Fibre Dyed PV
  • Solid Dyed PV


  • Shirts
  • Trousers
  • Jeans
  • Jackets