Plant & Capacity

Cotton Textile Unit of the Company is situated at 84/50, Kalpi Road, Kanpur. It has installed capacity of 120 looms. Part of the looms are installed in nearby premises known as J.K. Manufactures premises at 84/29, Kalpi Road, Kanpur. The unit has a process house for bleaching, dyeing and finishing of fabrics. The lockout in the Mill was lifted on 19.01.2009 and production operations have started w.e.f. 2.04.2009. The operations will be augmented in a phased manner depending upon progress in maintenance work of the Mill Buildings, Plant & Machinery and utilities.

  • Yarn dyeing By – Thies Yarn dyeing
  • Weaving on – Picanol Rapier, Airjet , Sulzer weaving machine.
  • Processing – Osthoff Singeing and Desizing, Mercerizing, Washing, Drying, Surforizing & Stenter Finishing
  • Kuster Dyeing Range
  • Surface finishing – Peaching on Xetma, Caru Brushing, Embossing, Calendaring and Decatizing